About Us

Friends & Company is Vancouver’s leading network for LGBTQ-friendly business people, professionals, students, and allies. Our luncheons and events connect great people while supporting the anti-bullying and safer school programming of Out in Schools in classrooms across BC. Friends & Company is a registered not-for-profit society in British Columbia and a non-partisan, equal opportunity initiative.

Our mission is to facilitate networking and social connections between LGBTQ-friendly business people of all ages and backgrounds, while giving back to young people in our communities.

Since our founding in 2011, we have hosted dozens of sold out events which have raised tens of thousands of dollars for Out in Schools to date. This has enabled them to expand their reach in schools across BC. A 2014 University of British Columbia study found that “students in Canadian schools with gay-straight alliances were less likely to be discriminated against, had lower odds of suicidal thoughts, and had fewer suicide attempts—regardless of whether they were gay or straight”. That’s reason enough for us to continue raising money for Out in Schools.

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